Tonka Construction


August 20, 1996

"Tonka Construction" was the first Tonka video game about building construction. It was released in 1996. It was then followed by a sequel, Tonka Construction 2.


  • Joe (Michael Gough)
  • Pops (Lewis Arquette)
  • Rusty (Riff Hutton)
  • Miko (Joyce Kurts)
  • Rose (Nanci Linari)
  • Derk (Dick Gautier)


Snowy Mountain RescueEdit

Help Rose Montana to rescue Tonka Mountain from the avalanche disaster.

  1. Use the Bulldozer to clear the snow from the roadway to rescue trapped cars.
  2. Then use the Tow Truck to free the two trapped cars stuck on the tree and the ditch near the bridge.
  3. Use the Front Loader to dig throw giant snow drifts (You can drop them over by the builders near by cheeky).
  4. When your done with that, use the Grader to break and scrap the ice at the end of the road.
  5. When you have done clearing the road, move the ski lift tower into place by lifting it from the Flatbed Truck.
  6. After that, you can decorate the mountain.

Desert Road BuildingEdit

Help Derk to build a new road for Tonka Desert.

  1. First, use the Bulldoser to clear any rocks or plants in the way.
  2. Once when its cleared, use the Front Loader to dig the tunnel. If there is a solid rock in the way, a builder will blow the dynamite. But make show you clear the rubble.
  3. Then use the Grader to scrap the road to make it leveled.
  4. when you have finished grading, use the Paver to cover the road with asphalt.
  5. Then use the Roller to smooth out the asphalt.
  6. Now that the road is nice and smooth, use the Paint Truck to paint the lines on the road.
  7. Tonka Air Support has now arrived with their Helicopter. Now what you have to do with the helicopter, click to lower the cable and pick up the bridge pieces. Then click again to lower them into place.
  8. Right now, you can place the objects in there place and they will come to life.
  9. After that, you can decorate the desert.

Truck Maintenance in the GarageEdit

Help Miko to build new trucks.

  1. You can build a Monster Truck, Bulldozer or Grader. Click any of those trucks to get started.
  2. Place the parts for the truck from the box below.
  3. Use the air wrench to tighten the lugs.
  4. Use the paint gun to paint the truck. Click on one of the paint cans to choose a colour and move it to a spot on the truck. Click the soap bucket to wash the colours away.
  5. Click on the car keys to enter the cab of the truck.
  6. Explore the cab interior by clicking any object you see.
  7. Turn the key to start the truck then click the gas pedal.
  8. Click on another truck to begin to build it and repeat until all three have driven off.

Quarry ExplorationEdit

Help Pops for digging gold.

  1. Use the Front Loader to dig rocks off the walls, then load them in the crusher.
  2. You can even dig up the red or blue rocks to see whats down there. Under the red rocks is an oil well but make sure you stand back from the fountain and the builders will come and block it with a giant cork. Under the blue rocks is a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, watch out when it stalks to you (I hope it trips over a rock.
  3. You can even use the rock pile next to the cane and you can low them into the crusher.
  4. Use the Bulldozer to push the boulders around the quarry and take them to the crane so it can low it into the crusher.
  5. You can use the Front Loader to dig a secret cave next to the office.
  6. The work you should really do in the quarry is looking for gold. Use the Front Loader to dig rocks from the walls again and again. Only one out of the three walls has gold hiding behind. When you found the gold, shovel it up and low it into the crusher and then a whole pile of gold will be shown.
  7. Now you can decorate the quarry by using the stuff beside the office. Also you can make the man inside the office angry by smashing the office building.

City ConstructionEdit

Help Rusty the city art to build up a Park, Castle or Skyscraper.

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