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Tonka Workshop

Tonka Workshop is a Tonka PC play set game with a tool workbench play set for your computer's keyboard. released on July 31, 2000


In the Tonka Town Workshop, players bring their own tool workbench (the play set for their computer's keyboard) with them to get a lot of projects done, with Tonka Joe as their host. At the workshop, players would use their tools to create cool projects and as well as get jobs done.


  • Drill
    • Power Wrench
    • Soldering Iron
    • Post Drill
  • Paint Sprayer
    • Air Can
    • Acetylene Torch
    • Air Pump
  • Hammer
    • Mallet
  • Screwdriver
    • Socket Wrench
    • Chipper
    • Allen Wrench
    • Crow Bar
  • Saw
    • Hacksaw
    • Circular Saw
  • Sander
    • Plane
    • Buffing Cloth

Jobs and Projects[]

Workshop Projects[]

More things for the Tonka Town Department Store need to be built. There are five blue print papers with five different items on each one for the player to choose. When the player chooses one of the papers, the player gets to choose the style to build. After the player chooses one of the items on the paper, they get to start to build it. While Joe reads the directions, the player uses the tools to build the item. Using the drill, the paint sprayer, the hammer, the screwdriver, the saw, the sander and other tools, the player could build and paint any item they want to choose.

The Storage Room[]

Players could use their tools to create raw material sculptures, furniture, models and other things out of wood, metal and stone. First, they player chooses either a big stone, a log or a metal block, and then they could use any tools they want to use to chip away to create any cool project out of it.

On the Road Jobs[]

There are three jobs on the road that need to be done. The player could choose any of the three jobs and get them done on any order.

  • Bicycle Troubles: A biker is having bicycle troubles, so the player must help. Whatever the trouble with the biker's bike is, the player must use the right tool to get the bike fixed so the biker could get riding again.
  • Rotting Fence: A old fence is rotting off it's post. The player must replace the boards so the cows are keep safe in the pasture. Using a crow bar, the sander, a post drill, the saw, the mallet and hammer and the paint sprayer, the player gets to get the old fence pickets off, clean the old paint and rotted wood off the old cross pieces, drill a hole in the ground for a new support post, cut the new fence pickets, pound the new post into the ground and nail the new pickets to the cross pieces and give the new fence pickets and coat a new coat of white paint, and the fence is good as new.
  • Hole in the Bridge: There's a hole in the bridge, which is causing a ranger having to turn people away, so the player must fix the hole fast so people can go to and play in the park again. Using the saw, the drill, the socket wrench, the hammer, the plane and the paint sprayer, the player gets to cut off the jegged pieces of wood in the hole to make a clean area to work in and make repairs, drill holes in the support beams, bolt a new beam to the two old ones, nail new planks into the beam to fill in the hole, even out the boards so there are no bumps in the bridge and stain the new section of the bridge, and the bridge is good as new and people could drive over it again.

The Cellar[]

Players could use their tools to on a big board to make different things happen: drill holes, spray colored spots of paint, hammer in nails, screw in screws and saw lines, and could use the sander to erase anything they done on the board.

Joe's Tree House[]

There are three activities to play in the tree house where Joe goes to take a break. There's a chalkboard in the tree house that reports the scores that player gets when winning a game.

  • Tool Competitions: The player goes on different competitions. Using the drill, the paint sprayer, the mallet, the socket wrench, the saw or the plane, the player verses against another person also using a tool in determined to beat them into using their tool to do something. There are six competitions to compete in: Cheese, Chair Painting, Fence Posting, Tire Changing, Wood Cutting and Wood Shaving. If the player wins and beats the other person using a tool doing the same thing the player is, they earn a metal on the score board.
  • Tool Tunes: In this game, Joe uses a tool on a workbench (the one that the keyboard play set is) to make a sound, then the player has to use the same one. Then, Joe will use the same tool again, then pulse another one, and then the player as to copy him again. The player has to keep copying Joe for as long as they can, and they'll see how far the player can get.
  • Tool Tag: In this game, the player has thirty seconds to see how many pesky termites they could shoe off the workbench (the one that the keyboard play set is). The player shoes away termites by either drilling them, spraying them with paint, hammering them, screwing them, sawing them or sanding them. The chalkboard in the tree house keeps track of all the termites the player catches.